About us

I travel a lot.

No, I do not wait for that time when everyone is going for a holiday. In fact, I do it during summer, winter, spring, and autumn. There is never a time that is not good for me to pack my bags, and off I go to the next place on my bucket list.

Every opportunity I get, a day or two, is enough for a travel adventure. And I always share my experiences.   While most of the time I travel alone, once in a while I tag along with family and friends. But these are the only places I would need the company.

I must confess I have an undying love for Spain. I have been down there for countless times, and I never get enough of this place. The people, culture, never-ending fiestas, quality waters, beaches, museums, and a galore of other attractions; it is a dream holiday spot to a travel fanatic.  While in Spain, I never miss the chance to be at sea. There is something about the sandy beaches over here, and the temptation to dive into the crystal clear water has some charm on me.

One place I always make time for while in Spain is the Costa of Brava. This Place is a travelers’ a paradise that I cannot adequately describe. I have been to this place a record ten times, and I’m yet to exhaust its top attractions.   Well, call me a hardcore traveler with the thirst of adventure, and a well of curiosity that cannot be filled in a lifetime. Add a soft spot for Spain to my description, and that is my traveler’s profile. And where did it all come from; the love for traveling? I guess it is something passed down from my old man; in his heydays, he was a globetrotter. That genome was passed down to me thus not anything much I can do about it.